Week Two


This week my team and I did field work collection sediment samples and talking to the Natural Resource Management group at Fond De Lanc. We also took a short break to visit Gooseberry Falls State Park. It was a very exciting experience for me since I have never visited a waterfall before. 

Week 2, hard at work

This week: the huckleberry crew collected more phenology data (still no ripe huckleberries yet), I spent many hours in the lab processing my soil samples (big thanks to Mariana and DeeDee who helped me out!), team SPAW started working on our group introduction, and today, a few of us went hiking to Mission Falls.

Next week I’ll start looking for trends in my soil data. There are a few sites I’ll need to re-sample, but in overall, I think this week’s work was successful.

One Fish. Two Fish…GIANT fish


On today’s adventure, we were able to meet the fabulous Nancy Schudlt. She is a kind lady who gave us an awesome tour of the Fond Du Lac Reservation, where I will be working with this summer.

This guy down here is Fred. He is a giant Sturgeon ( a native fish to Minnesota or Tiny-sota as I like to call it). Some cool facts, it takes female sturgeons 30 years to be ready to mate and 20 years for the males! CRAZY, right? Fred here is probably about 50 to 60 years old. This coming Monday, we will get to see baby sturgeons be released into the wild! Keep ya’ll posted!Giant Fish.jpg

Peace, Love, Tacos



Met Rylie’s Dad!


Fond du Lac Band is where many, like Nancy Shudlt, are working to empower the indigenous community and protect natural resources. We explored the reservation, visiting lake research sites, monitored rivers such as the one above, and rice fields where you could barely tell where the waters edge began. Our adventures with this native community will be thrilling and educational.

Semana #2 (Week #2)

This week was a very productive week since I almost finished collecting all of my samples. Today Tony and I started sampling at 7 am!  And honestly, I was half-asleep half-awake for the first hour :). I’m very excited because I only have one more sample to collect and I will probably start doing analysis next week! Here is a picture of me collecting samples at the Kerr Dam


Gooseberry Falls trip

On June 21st team stream went to Gooseberry falls which is a state park located an hour north of Duluth. It was a beautiful park with waterfalls, streams, nature paths and lots of forests surrounding the area. I have never seen or been in a waterfall so it was an amazing experience for me. My group and I got to go in the water and swim and we even went under the waterfall. I definitely want to come back here before the summer ends.IMG_6955