Team Livable Communities

This group will study the 7 infrastructure sectors (Energy, Water/Sanitation, Waste, Green Infrastructure, Buildings/Shelter, Transportation, Food supply) in communities to advance health and well-being. Students will be recruited from different disciplines (science, engineering, public health, social sciences) to create sustainable, healthy, and livable communities.  In 2017 this team investigated methods through which to map and characterize urban agriculture in the city of St Paul, Minnesota, while also analyzing food production and demand of a small area of the city. This was done using a combination of aerial imaging and fieldwork, as well as information about the food use of an average American and estimated production yields of urban gardens obtained from literature.  In 2018 the team will again be located in Minneapolis and will work with the Hubert Humphrey School of Public Affairs with mentors from the Sustainable Healthy Cities Network.  Please see: