Kathleen Lugo

kathleen lugoHello everyone! My name is Kathleen Lugo, I’m a Chemistry major and will be starting my senior year at Florida International University next fall. After getting my BS in Chemistry my goal is to continue on to graduate school in Environmental Chemistry. I’m particularly interested in water quality through the eyes of chemical reactions, currently I am part of the e-board for the ACS (American Chemical Society) at FIU as well as an ACS Scholar, an environmental chemistry researcher and a Teaching Assistant for General Chemistry II. I am originally from Puerto Rico, a big book worm, history nerd and travel enthusiast therefore, I am confident that being part of team Zaaga’igan this summer will be an amazing experience.  On a more personal note my hobbies usually include: singing, dancing, reading, swimming and attempting to learn different languages as I experience the diversity of cultures around the world. I have no doubt that this opportunity will allow me to build new skills that will help me be a better professional as well as a better human being