Semana #2 (Week #2)

This week was a very productive week since I almost finished collecting all of my samples. Today Tony and I started sampling at 7 am!  And honestly, I was half-asleep half-awake for the first hour :). I’m very excited because I only have one more sample to collect and I will probably start doing analysis next week! Here is a picture of me collecting samples at the Kerr Dam


First visit to the sample sites!

On thursday morning Tony drove me and Molly around to locate the water bodies from which we’ll be taking samples from. Using a map and  Pablo’s Waste Water Treatment Plant (PWWTP) wells as the center point, we found some wells, streams, and ponds to sample. Later that day Tyler took us to encampment and we got to visit one of the sacred places for the tribes and we also learned a little more about the tribes’ history. Here is a picture of the PWWTP’s  wells.


Week 1

This past week was very exciting and interesting. I learned new stuff, met new people and visited beautiful places. On sunday we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant that had a very nice view to the Flathead Lake and good food too :). On monday I met the whole SPAW team and had a tour through the SKC campus.