Week 2, hard at work

This week: the huckleberry crew collected more phenology data (still no ripe huckleberries yet), I spent many hours in the lab processing my soil samples (big thanks to Mariana and DeeDee who helped me out!), team SPAW started working on our group introduction, and today, a few of us went hiking to Mission Falls.

Next week I’ll start looking for trends in my soil data. There are a few sites I’ll need to re-sample, but in overall, I think this week’s work was successful.


On Saturday, DeeDee, Tasha and I took a trip to Missoula to buy some better fieldwork gear. I had been wearing a pair of beat-up running shoes, and after many years of never owning hiking boots I finally gave in and bought a pair. Here’s hoping that they serve me well!IMG_2947.JPG

Week 1 Field Visits

This was a busy week! Between Monday and today (Friday), the huckleberry team has visited nearly all the field sites, we’ve watched The Place of Falling Waters movie, traveled to the encampment, and become acquainted with this region of Montana. Later today, we’re going to the Peoples Center and maybe the Bison Range.

Pictured below: fun in the field while collecting huckleberry phenology data! This was one of our Wednesday sites.IMG_2905.JPG