Yellowstone weekend

I had a really wonderful time at Yellowstone last weekend with the SPAW crew. We saw a black bear, wolves, elk, and many bison (including one that blocked traffic for 10 minutes). The scenery was beautiful, and I had a lot of fun driving around the park and watching the geothermals. We also had a great group of people, which made the weekend so much more enjoyable.

I’m very thankful for Tony and Shawnna and all the time and work they put in to make sure the Yellowstone trip went smoothly! Besides a few unplanned trail and swimming hole closures, nothing went wrong, which is impressive. I had a really great time!


Fieldwork, fieldwork, and more fieldwork

The huckleberry crew is back in the field this week! Today we set up transect lines to measure the huckleberry productivity at the Hellroaring 1 site, and we’ll follow up with the other sites tomorrow and next week.

In the picture of the huckleberries below, you can see berries at different stages of development. The small green ones are bulbs, the rounded green ones are the “green” stage, and the purple ones are ripe.