My roommates and I love eating Asian food. It’s sort of a tradition to go get Thai food in town. We went yet again this week and enjoyed a nice dinner and each other’s company. 


Water Tubing

I went water tubing for the first time several days ago. It was a great experience for me and some of the other interns. The sunset was also incredibly beautiful. It was a nice break from all the research and writing! 

Music with Grass

At Yellowstone last weekend we had tons of fun hanging out at the lake near our campsite. Mariana, Tasha, and Eliza also played some hot tunes  with grass. 


Lewis and Clark Caverns.

We visited some caverns this weekend and saw many distinct creations from water droplets. We also saw sleeping bats and experienced the freezing cold as we went deeper into the caverns. 



Crunching down on research and deliverables today so we can get ready for Yellowstone tomorrow!!!


Beautiful Views

Ya girl went to Glacier National Park a second  weekend. Best believe we saw some breathtaking views…and a lot of mountain goats. 


Deer on the Road.

We were riding back home and saw a deer on the road and three others off to the side. They looked gorgeous up close. They stared us, unblinking, until we rode away.