Alishia Orloff

Alishia Orloff headshotHello! My name is Alishia Orloff and I am currently obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Resource Management at the University of Washington. I hold a strong interest in riparian community ecology and restoration. Transitioning to my third year of academia, I have incorporated an environmental focus in Quantitative Science and American Indian Studies. Captivated by the interdisciplinary processes of our ecosystems, I endeavor to take initiative in restoring our relationship with our environment. I am heavily affiliated with musical activities in my community, spreading music through the Campus Philharmonic Orchestra, organizing ensembles in the Chamber Music Club, as well as performing in my jazz combo. For leisure, I enjoy reading, wood-work, hiking, painting, gardening, and playing Ultimate Frisbee. As I continue through my career of scientific scholarship, I build a holistic foundation to promote and realize my endeavors. Striving to achieve a doctorate degree, I envision studying the unlimited complexities of our environment in order to deepen our capacity to understand and respect our earth.