Loga Fixico

Loga Fixico descends from many peoples. Strictly Seminole on his father’s side of the family, his mother’s side has a diverse lineage. The Blackfeet, Salish, and Scottish peoples are but three on the list of cultures his mother’s family take root from. He grew up on the Flathead Indian Reservation and spent his childhood among the trees and lakes of the Mission Mountain Wilderness. Currently Loga is participating in an REU internship studying Camassia quamash, a vital lily species that is highly important to wetland ecology and cultural survival. Throughout his academic career he has experienced many research projects as an intern. The Northern Divide Grizzly Bear DNA project was his first experience with field work, followed by paleoecological research in Tasmania and kauri dieback studies in New Zealand. He has been studying Environmental Science and Forestry for four years and plans to pursue a fifth year for another bachelor’s degree in Wildlife/Fisheries. Mostly Loga loves to teach primitive living skills and plant identification to anyone who wishes to learn. So, naturally, the natural world is where he likes to be.


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