Ida Clarke

Ida Clarke received an Associates of Arts degree in Journalism from Bismarck State College in 2010.Then transferred to Black Hills State University to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science. When asked what influenced a change in her studies she said it had to do with experiencing the loss of a close family member. She was contemplating her motives to pursue career goals as life shifted: “I remember sitting in my father’s truck devastated and feeling a complete loss of interest in life itself. I just didn’t care for much and wallowed in my pain.” Ida struggled as she pursued her undergraduate studies, but with the help of her Lakota culture, family, and friends she was able to regain her passion for life. “I wasn’t in a good place, so by reestablishing my connection with creation I was able to discover what was most important to life. I find it natural for me to want to learn more about Earth to help protect and conserve the environment for future generations.”
Ida hopes to earn a Ph. D in Environmental Science and in addition to her college career she wants to continue enriching her life by practicing her Lakota culture, minimizing negativity in her life, and maintaining good relationships with people she loves. “My ultimate professional goal involves me having teaching experience, published science journals, and working as an environmental consultant or a career related to sustaining clean water and clean environments for future generations of my tribe and people alike.”

Idas Bio Picture


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