Mariana Hernandez Molino

Mariana Hernandez headshot

My name is Mariana Hernandez Molina. I was born in Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico. I am the second oldest of five children. I lived in Parral for seventeen years until I graduated from high school. After graduating from high-school I went to study abroad to Medina, NY and repeated my senior year. Then, I joined the University of Texas at El Paso in August, 2013. At the beginning I wasn’t sure about what major to choose, but I was sure that I wanted to help people and the environment so I went from civil engineering to psychology, then to environmental science with biology concentration to environmental science with chemistry concentration. When I finally decided my major, I started doing research in an environmental chemistry and engineering laboratory. For the past two years I have been working in the analysis of the effects of copper based nanoparticles in different food plants such as zucchini and sugar cane. On April last semester I got the opportunity to present my research at the American Chemistry Society (ACS) annual conference in San Francisco. Besides school, my favorite hobbies are doing yoga, going for walks, and reading. I love chocolate, tea, and mexican food. I will be graduating in May 2018 and I want to go to graduate school to pursue a master’s degree on environmental engineering.