Amanda Berens

Berens_Week 1 Pic_Head shotMy name is Amanda Jo Berens and I will be a senior in the Wildlife and Fisheries program at Salish Kootenai College. Even though I have one more year until my bachelors, I have already had a lot of success in my field. I have studied the endangered Leatherback Sea Turtles in Costa Rica and helped with efforts to protect their eggs from poachers. I worked for the US Fish and Wildlife Service for 5 years. The first year I was a crew member for a trail crew under the Youth Conservation Corp program on the Flathead Reservation. I came back the following year as a crew leader and did that for several years to follow. We worked on many conservation projects including wildlife friendly fencing, fencing for cattle management, trail clearing, lizard surveys, topographical survey, fencing for grizzly management, waterfowl foundation, maintenance at National Bison Range, fishery work (Creston National Fish Hatchery), as well as many other projects. My final year there, I was offered an internship in Washington D.C. That internship turned into a real position and I represented the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Capitol Hill for a little over a year. I came from a journalist background so writing has been a major part of my career as well. I have also been a DNA extraction tech for the US Forest Service. I extracted DNA from scat, flesh, blood, and hair samples. I attended University of Montana for two years and then transferred to Salish Kootenai College. I have worked on arsenic detection in wells across the reservation as a student at SKC. I’m currently working with dog training for conservation purposes! I’m a mother to a 3 year old boy named Jude and my daughter Lucy will be one in July!