Just a mix of work and fun.

During the beginning of the week we usually have field days where as you guessed it…we go out into the field to our huckleberry sites. This week was, in a sense, our practice week to get our procedures we will be utilizing to gather our data needed to complete our projects. I am really sad that I didn’t get pictures of us laying out our transects or gathering our data. This next for sure I will though.

In our off time we did a few things with our group and another group here on campus…Duh Duh Duhhhhh….The NASA group!!!

We went to a bird conservatory, hiked to Mission Falls, BBQ’d up to Tony’s, seen the Salish Longhouse where they were having their annual Culture and Language Camp, visited with a talented group of people who are working to revitalize various tribal languages through board and card games, seen the People’s Center where they hold community cultural classes every Friday and seen a little tiny part of Glacier National Park.

The people in this community are amazingly nice people who have thus far welcomed us with open arms. It’s a wonderful place here in Montana.



2 thoughts on “Just a mix of work and fun.

  1. Gimiikawadad Thea! You Are Beautiful Thea! I am so so happy for you and all the amazing experiences you are getting to enjoy out in Montana. Huckleberries, love me some of those!

  2. Way to go Thea way to represent Northern Ojibwe from Minnesota, glad to see you doing something different; learning something that will make a difference in the world. If you can bring back some edibles that would be way cool. J/K

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