Orientation at Glacier National Park

Hiking Apgar lookout trail was a the highlight of orientation week. Wildflowers catch full sunlight from the slopes of the mountain and the stunning view of the snow capped mountains and Lake Mc Donald made the trip an unforgettable experience.


So Far So Good

This whole REU experience has been great so far! Glacier National Park was an amazing place to have our orientation. Since we’ve all split up into our teams, Team SPAW has travelled to Tony’s cabin in the mountains, explored the Salish Kootenai campus, and drove around the bison range (saw super cool animals!). Below is one of my favorite views from a hike at GNP to Avalanche Lake.z0+u8U1ISne2LbuS9fUNDQ_thumb_1910

Team Zaaga’igan Update

Hey everyone! Team Zaaga’igan has settled in up here in Duluth. Grandma’s marathon is running the town today, and we are already getting started on our project! We miss you all already, but Myrna and I have been enjoying the Snapchats in Team Uffda. Here’s a view of the twin cities we got at SAFL before heading up to Duluth on Thursday.IMG_0736