Cram Time

IMG_1980IMG_1970Field sampling at Maple River and Lost Marsh Wildlife Refuge is now finished. It is now cram time as we complete the process of writing and data analysis. The last two trips to the field was quite an experience, getting lost in a field of cattails can be disorienting, exhausting and time consuming (technical difficulties with GPS) but overall a good way to get in a workout.

The wetland we are looking at is dominated by cattails and in some parts composed of a significant amount of litter which can displace other herbaceous aquatic vegetation by blocking out sunlight. At Maple River we did observe a floating mat which are primarily inhabited by hybridized cattails that are create of an extensive network of rhizomes and form monotypic stands, reducing biodiversity. However, cattails stands still provide valuable ecosystem services by efficiently taking nitrates and incorporating it into biomass. DSC00085

Samples and Spiders

We had our last field day this week! We collected soil samples, gas samples, and velocity and depth from some agricultural ditches. We shared the field with many large spiders. Despite their intimidating appearance turns out their common name is the black and yellow garden spider. Now data processing time!


week three

Week three caught me a little off guard with a death in the family, but I returned ready to get back into action and start my gathering of data. I also had to get stuff set up in the lab in hopes that I would have some success in extracting Nematodes from my soil samples. I decided to go with the Bearmann funnel technique which involves flooding the samples and separating the organisms by means of gravity. IMAG0713IMAG0057


Hi everyone, so all of my field work is done, I’ve just been writing. I was home all weekend writing. It’s going slow for me due to lack of experience. I did get to go outside last week and help the CSKT wildlife department with a waterfowl brood survey. It was a very simple survey were I walked around a mitigation property and looked to see which wetlands were still wet this far into summer, and weather or not there were any waterfowl broods on wetlands that were still wet. This is the kind of thing I love to do! Hope you are all well.


photo 2

this week at Luverne

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While I was surveying the control site for Culvert 59X09 a frog decided to observe me. This week I finished doing the habitat assessments at Luverne Minnesota. Now I’m working at entering data. Next comes the analyzing, that’s the part I’m looking really forward to. While I was out here this week I got to observe one of the minnows defending it’s little spot in the stream. I took video of the little defender but was not able to load it for posting. But we saw these little minnows and they didn’t mind the photos.

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