this week at Luverne

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While I was surveying the control site for Culvert 59X09 a frog decided to observe me. This week I finished doing the habitat assessments at Luverne Minnesota. Now I’m working at entering data. Next comes the analyzing, that’s the part I’m looking really forward to. While I was out here this week I got to observe one of the minnows defending it’s little spot in the stream. I took video of the little defender but was not able to load it for posting. But we saw these little minnows and they didn’t mind the photos.

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Lewis and Clark Caverns


This pat week team SPAW traveled to Yellowstone National Park and on our way there we stopped at Lewis and Clark Caverns. I was surprised how far into the cavern we went during the tour and to see all the unique mineral formations. This was one of my favorite parts while on our camping trip.

Hey, Bear!!


This past weekend I had the honor of facing my main concern coming out here to Montana.  A Sow and two cubs were within 10ft distance from me at Yellow Stone Park and I was just so amazed and nervous at the same time.  I stood my ground why the black bear was moving towards me,while my partner vanished back to the car..smh  This experience really made me realize that sometimes you can be your biggest threat.  We need to look are fears in the eyes and overcome them.

Last fieldwork

Hey guys. I hope everyone is doing well. I finished up my fieldwork this weekend. I was going to share a picture showing my feet sinking way down into stinky mud, but I’m sure a lot of us know what thats like by now, and something much more exciting has happened. On friday my good friend had his first child, Avery May Talbert, who was 8lbs10oz! I’m so excited she is here, I am close with this family, and she will probably grow up calling me her uncle. Yay!!!!