I’m back at work after stuff happened in my family. I’m looking forward to the all team gathering next week. this is going to be great, I’m so looking forward to this. Its like my vacation from everything that has happened this past week. For a while I didn’t know what day it was. Work here is helping to get me back on track. My poster will be finished by tomorrow, right now its all about worms……….yikes. Immerse myself in everything worm and wild ginger, of course….

A Team-building Experience

It’s a lot easier to get things done when people work together. This experience has really reinforced that belief of mine and has shown me that teamwork is effective even and especially in a scientific setting. The camaraderie that we have developed through diligently running countless trials of experiments is second to none. Being able to see each other’s strengths and weaknesses and helping each other out towards a greater goal has been very successful. It’s good to know that people have your back.

I was able to hear a talk by Tim Ryan a CSKT member and owner of EthnoTech, dedicating to teaching and preserving his tribes ancestral way of life. He discussed tribal seasonal rounds and traditional tools as indigenous knowledge. I was fascinated to feel and tug on rope he made from the dogbane plant. It is exciting he can relate the cultural importance to one of the strongest fibers that is very useful. He spoke at a Wetlands to Watershed conference Janene was a part of, I’m glad I made time to make it on Monday because I learned great knowledge.

I hope to come across Tim agin in the future..he has tons to teach!




This was on Sunday sitting along the Flathead Lake. When we first got there there was no sign of a fire and one hour later the signs were larger than what is seen in this picture. It really amazed me how smokey and dark the sky got so fast. James one of the guys working with the BIA fire program this summer here at SKC told me that this fire has been contained which is great.