Dr. Ren at the Tribal College


We are presenting to Dr. Ren today. This is the same presentation that we showed you last week. I felt a lot more comfortable and felt more at ease presenting, I feel because I was given more time to go further into depth on my viewpoints. I cant wait to go to UMD tomorrow to raid their library.

WELL. Today is recon day for me. I went to Duluth on Friday to make use of UMD’s library, but I TOTALLY forgot about how bad the storm tore up Minnesota and it was closed. How stupid of me. Had fun out in the field ill post pictures later! I’m sure you can read my other teammates post about hunting for worms today. So far I have about 8 books and a couple of articles to go over. decided to stay in Duluth Wed-Friday to get all of my Law research done.


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worm hunting

we finally got to do the worm hunting in the forest. that was fascinating as the worms came up from the ground, two group members were on point catching them. they immediately put them into a plastic container with rubbing alcohol, for identification later this week. there were a lot of small ones a few big ones. when the solution of water and mustard seed was poured into the square, there was an almost immediate reaction. within 20 seconds the worms were coming to the surface. I wasn’t expecting the solution to work that fast. hhhmmm, the worms were not that far from the surface of the soil and I still haven’t gotten a chance to see “Ghostbusters”.  I’ve got to make time for that movie………

Remnants of Trout Streams and White Cedar



During field days at Fond du Lac Resource management we had the opportunity to explore a few different wetlands sites. This particular site was by far a unique stand of beautiful white cedar and balsam fir.A closed canopy of white cedar, fallen mature trees, ferns, and mosses cover the forest floor, shading the shallow, cold water trout stream.

In a nutshell, it was truly an amazing experience to witness white cedar and brook trout inhabiting the  same swamp.



On our way to Yellowstone we made a stop to Lewis & Clark Caverns and took a tour down into the caves. It was a perfect stop and it was an enjoyable time checking out the caves. It was my second opportunity seeing caverns so I am really grateful we went. This week I am spending my time in the computer lab inputting data and writing my paper. Hope you are all enjoying your summer!